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by Aidan Henry, 2008-09-08T11:34:12.000-07:00September 08 2008, at 11:34 AM PDT

Hey guys… I just thought I’d throw together a "team page" where we can all collaborate, check schedules/scores/stats, talk smack, and get pumped to win Div 4. Feel free to post or participate at leisure.

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2008-11-02T09:19:52.000-08:00November 02 2008, at 09:19 AM PST, Scott McGregor said:

The Dragons head north in search of Nanaimo... mini-road trip with all the beer blood and hooliganism!

2008-10-24T15:24:37.000-07:00October 24 2008, at 03:24 PM PDT, Marx Mohammed said:

yes guys tough game on Sunday ....but something will be sorted out!!

2008-10-24T14:52:17.000-07:00October 24 2008, at 02:52 PM PDT, Scott McGregor said:

Just another chance to sort out Vic West!

2008-10-08T10:05:31.000-07:00October 08 2008, at 10:05 AM PDT, Marx Mohammed said:

Ok guys lets put last weeks mess behind us and lets put one hell of and ass whooping on Vic Athletics this Sunday!!

2008-10-05T13:49:07.000-07:00October 05 2008, at 01:49 PM PDT, Scott McGregor said:

Good luck today lads! How about those Reds!

2008-09-23T09:50:07.000-07:00September 23 2008, at 09:50 AM PDT, Marx Mohammed said:

lol...well said Gattuso!!!
I wish Soccermom would say more shit!!!

2008-09-23T09:43:50.000-07:00September 23 2008, at 09:43 AM PDT, BRANDO PASQUALOTTO said:



2008-09-15T10:18:38.000-07:00September 15 2008, at 10:18 AM PDT, Marx Mohammed said:

Well done yesterday boys...great win...boy those beers went down good.

Practise this Wednesday. Tough game this weekend ....those rednecks from Sooke


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